Episode 16 – Randomcast

Bhreagh, Daniel, Jessie, Jeremy, Joseph and Vinnie pour some drinks and spin together hilarious randomness for your enjoyment. It’s… really difficult to put together a coherent synopsis for this one but just have a listen, you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Episode 15 – Subjects of Brand Royalty

Garett, Jer, Joseph, Nancy, Thomas and Vinnie crack open a few refreshing Molson Canadian® lagers, put down their banners and discuss this whole brand loyalty thing. Microsoft vs Sony, Kleenex, Band-Aids, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s perfect legs and sex swings are some of the topics scattered throughout with plenty of off-topic tangents as well. We don’t always talk about brands but when we, do its entertaining as hell. Thanks for checking us out, keep slapping F5 (refresh) and we’ll catch you next week on My Stupid Podcast.

Episode 14 – Like, Your Opinion Man…

Evil Thomas, Garett, Good Thomas, Kyla, Jer, Markham, Michał and Vinnie smoke a bowl, get stoned and talk about getting stoned. It’s recursive comedy in its finest form. Intake methods, basic legality, why, first experiences, inebriation, munchies, frequency and culture are some of the delicious topics sprinkled within. We’re certain you’ll enjoy listening in on this one. Until next week! Thanks for checking us out.

Episode 13 – A Little Help From My Friends

Garett, Jeremy, Jessie, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie hug it out while sharing some stories of the people who’ve helped make us the best friend we can be. Jonah Hill, Doctor Who (again), MSG, H1N1 (pig cold), the Dutch and webcam performers are some topics sprinkled throughout. I hope you enjoy! Keep refreshing that page because next week is the weed episode. Until next time.

Masters of the House

I was forced went to witness see “Les Misérables” once. Only later did I see the irony of watching a play where the title and description of the audience were one in the same. I saw it as a crew of poorly dressed actors moaning depressing songs, faking tears, and everyone trying to out-act one…
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Episode 12 – The Men We Love

Jeremy, Jessie, Mel, Patrick, Thomas and Vinnie get in each other’s space this week and get personal about our relationships with gay men. It was both entertaining, enlightening and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Why Your Valued Opinion Doesn’t Matter

You’re completely wrong. You’re way off base on that one. You’re deluded and misinformed. Let’s agree to disagree. These are all the typical meanings behind any debate or argument. While not phrased exactly like this the base sense of any opposing argument boils down to it. Everyone – including you and I – seem to…
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Why Do We Care About The Death of Strangers?

Sadly, we’ve all experienced the death of a loved one. Something we can’t avoid in our lives. It’s a personal tragedy when a family member or close friend is lost. The grieving period, finding ways to cope and still function is one of the most difficult things anyone has to go through. I’ve experienced my…
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Episode 11 – The Half-Life of Retro Games

This week’s episode was incredibly fun and a topic I’m very close to. Games. Garett, Jeremy, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie crowd around an old CRT TV to have some laughs about retro gaming. The death of arcades, point-and-click adventures, breaking the 4th wall, DOS, and the sweet sting of nostalgia are some of the topics tossed around. I’m certain a few facts were missed but it’s all in good fun. Plenty of laughter contained, enjoy!

Episode 10 – Time Travel

Bhreagh, Garett, Michał, Thomas and Vinnie kick open the Tardis doors and bring this baby up to 88 mph. We throw around talk of time travel ideas, time travel movies, JVCD in undies, people we’d save or events we’d prevent and at some point I think a pizza was delivered. It’s off-the-rails stupidity in its most logical form and best heard in private. Enjoy.

Episode 09 – Pets and the People They Own

Smiling Kitty

Chele, Kim, Michał and Vinnie gather the pack to talk about pet ownership. Cheetos dust, fruitophilia, South Park, Night Gallery and aliens are some of the random directions the discussion is pulled in and plenty of laughter therein.

Episode 08 – Online Privacy

Joseph, Michał and Vinnie get to a secure location to secretly talk about this whole online privacy and censorship thing. It’s a simple easy to chew discussion recorded for your private entertainment, enjoy.

Episode 07 – Dealing Death to Deadbeats

Brian, Chele, Garret, Joseph, Markham, Michał, *inhale* Thomas and Vinnie try to get to the bottom of this whole corporal punishment thing. Plenty of shouting, jokes and joyful laughter injected within. Certainly our best episode yet!