Episode 20 – 2024 and Gardening

The future is a fantastic thing to think about. We dream of it, we make fiction based on it, we fear it, we try to make it better, we make it worse and best of all we’re all heading toward it like it or not. Ten years from today is the topic of this week’s show and it was a fun one at that. What would the world be like? How would we communicate? What would you like to see change? Would cultural and language barriers become easier to overcome? Where do we see ourselves? Where do you see yourself?

Garett, Jeremy, Mary Caroline, Thomas and Vinnie gather around the crystal ball to cobble together a premonition of the day 3600-some-odd days after tomorrow. Bar trivia, bang-bots, gardening, demolition man, universal translators, casual sex and semantics are some of the tangents we fly off on. Shockingly very little discussion of flying cars or anti-gravity, shucks. This is the cusp of quality podcast entertainment for sure, it’s only going downhill from here. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Episode 20 – 2024 and Gardening

  1. THAT was fucking awesome…I had to rewind just i got everyone. I do have to agree that the “gay” issue is not the same as the black issue….being gay means you CAN blend in into white (or whatever society), I can never stop being visibly different. In this case, half black, but I unless I MJ the shit out of my skin, it doesn’t work! To call this a civil right movement is wrong, to call it an equalization to a sexual preference and to have it socially accepted is more accurate. I am glad that gay men and women can leave their will, pension and so forth to anyone they want but lets not make it into the great social movement that blacks in North America had to face…..its very diffrent.

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