Episode 21 – Filthy Drunken Pirates

Copyrights and piracy will always be a hot topic debate for as long as CTRL+C exists. The acquisition of free media, ideas, and knowledge seems to be part of an Internet connection’s price of admission. Why is it we’ve turned this fantastic communications medium into a hostile whining playground of theft, litigation, and malice? Who are the legal owners of combinations of bytes? Should people be allowed to provide that combination of bytes to others for free? Doesn’t the growth of the Internet and piracy go hand-in-hand? Can we have one without the other?

Daniel, Markham, Michał and Vinnie stop their torrents for a while and seed some thoughts on piracy into your ears. Stolen ransom money, bankruptcy, eBay scams, Canada, theft of free books, Microsoft Zune, malware bounties with plenty of talk on streaming porn fill in the conversation this week. It’s like a long drawn out Michael Bay-esque car crash where each crinkle of steel is a golden symphony in your ears. I wish, the ship’s sinking and we’re here for your entertainment first. Yarrr.

This episode is not to be taken as professional legal advice or as fact, if you claim that this show influenced a decision which induces legal action against yourself, you’re fucking idiot and on your own. Best of luck moron.

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