Episode 22 – “Poverty”

Poverty is a problem apparently. It’s presented as this strange abstract idea that’s seen as a plague upon our planet and we need to deal with it. Poor people are a persistent nuisance to wealthy consciences so we keep coming up with clever new ways to “fix”, masque and shuffle around the problem. Be it well marketed charities, changes in policies, laws and celebrity endorsed humanitarian campaigns these are all effectively crap. As nice as an idea it is to “spread the wealth” we’ll always have those who have less of whatever standard we trade in, the rich go part-in-parcel with the poor. It’s a fact we’ve got to just suck up and accept. Once we stop considering poverty a problem lacking a panacea we can see it for what it is. The consequence of disabilities, unfortunate events, poor decisions, malice, upbringing, and shite governments. No words of wisdom here since I’ve got no answers, just saying, poverty isn’t the problem, we’re just not learning from our fuck ups and going after the cause. You.

Justine, Michał, Shannon, Thomas and Vinnie crack open some expensive drinks, look back on the bell curve and trickle down some golden words of wisdom for the peons below. We share our experiences with civilized poverty and spread the discussion around in all kinds of interesting directions. Staple diets, housing, employment, heritage, bidets, begging and judgement are some of topics within. It’s wholesome filling and cheap entertainment in its best yellow-label store brand form, enjoy!

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