Episode 23 – Entitled to It

I want, I need, I deserve, I expect, I demand. These words are infecting our everyday speech and plunging us deeper into a false sense of entitlement. Kids these days expect more from their sources of entertainment and get outwardly upset and ever more expressive about it when reality doesn’t quite meet their expectations. Even the older generations are falling victim to the feeling that we deserve more out of the effort we put in. With so many things competing for our attention and money where do the lines of right, effort, workmanship and value meet up? No clue, I was hoping you’d meet us halfway.

Dan, Garret, Justine, Michał, Shannon and Vinnie bitch about services, consumerism and our expectations on a quiet beer-free Sunday evening. It might not be what you expect from this week’s episode but it’s the best we’ve got so deal with it.

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