Episode 24 – Happy Ending

We’ve all heard the phrase “all good things must come to an end” but have any of us considered why it’s important for things to come to pass? Are we making room for the next big thing? Perhaps we’ve just grown out of our old habits and need to let something fade away. Can you think of a time where you were affected deeply when something ended? What was your reaction? Did you gain anything from the ending and not the journey? Do things need to end? Is it something we can avoid?

It’s the season one ender partycast! Eric, Jer, Justine, Michał, Nick, Markham, Shannon, Thomas, and Vinnie get together and play microphone musical chairs to discuss anything and everything about endings. Firefly, relationships, favourite movies, books, TV shows, songs and others are some of the topics we cover. It’s been a great run these past 24 episodes and I think it’s high time we shut this stupidity down. Thank you all for listening, enjoy!

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