Episode 24.5 – Brain Thunder

The well has run dry so we’ve got to all work together, come up with some good ideas and keep this thing flowin’. Brainstorming and bouncing around topics together gave us a nice environment to criticize and filter out the weaker ones. As the host I find it difficult to come up with subjects that would entice listeners and guests alike. So I got a crew of creative folks together, gave them a whiteboard with markers and asked them to go to town. The results were fantastic, offensive and exciting. We can’t wait to share the set of shows with you.

Joseph, Michał, Thomas and Vinnie smash their heads together and pick up the best pieces to give you a teaser of what’s to come in the next batch of episodes. I can’t wait to record ’em and I’m sure I’ll hate doing the editing. Our show might be sound stupid but we have our bright spots. Season two is gonna shine! Enjoy.

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