Episode 26 – Saturday Night Sex Show

Good enough

Coming to terms with your own sexuality and owning what you like can be one of the most difficult things someone can go through. We’ve invented numerous mental conditions because of our aggressive dispositions and judgement on one another. Using someone’s sexual orientation, fetishes or kinks as a tool to shame, mock or otherwise abuse them is shallow, ignorant and any argument presented holds no water. When you boil sex down to its most basic level it’s a means for pleasure or procreation. Why do we need to wrap up something so simple in self-imposed standards or doctrines? Step back a bit from judgement and just realize that regardless opinion or angle of approach we’re all just trying to get off. If no one’s being hurt and their partner(s) are pleased then what argument could someone possibly have against it? So literally, whatever floats your boat, different strokes, etc. No need to be shy, we all want to feel good.

Bhreagh, Evil Thomas, Garett, Good Thomas, Jessie, Joseph and Vinnie pile up and rub out one hell of a show for your stimulating pleasure. Fetishes, kinks, proposition, positions, sub/dom, safety, turn-ons and some of our embarrassing stories are some of the tender spots we touch, softly. This is quite literally our best show yet! The climax, if you will. We took the bar and ratcheted it up to 69, I hope you’re as satisfied as we are. Enjoy!

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