Episode 27 – Addicted to Stupidity

We’d like to start off with an incredibly stupid and generalized statement regarding addictions. People like things, people do the things they like and people continue to do things to make themselves happy. At this base level addictions can sound totally innocent. Is it not in the interest of self-determination that a person can run their lives in whichever way they choose? Even if it’s straight to the bottom of a shit hole with a shovel.

So what do we do when those things that make people happy start to cost them happiness in other areas of their lives? The typical societal view is that when someone lets themselves go for an addiction they should be seen as sick, mentally weak or distrusted for this thing they’ve let rule their life. If our response is to sacrifice one area of society for the betterment of another then aren’t we all addicted to being assholes to one another?

Honestly, addictions is a tough issue to talk about. There’s a litany of reasons someone would get addicted to substances, actions what-have-you. We spent much of this episode just trying to define what an addiction even is. No real conclusion on that one either. It’s frustrating to write this and we can’t stand blanket statements but really the old adage is true; everything in moderation.

Good Thomas, Nick, Richard, Shannon and Vinnie get the spoons, lighters, dolla-bills, rubber bands, mirrors and razors out and have smashing discussion about addictions that’s totally worth the trip. Forced imprisonment, strange addictions, oranges, Game of Thrones, glorification of addictions and eating dirt are some of the topics we set up in a line for your ears to inhale. We’re wasting our potential for your entertainment but one thing’s for sure you’ll never lose betting on stupid, enjoy!

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