Episode 28 – Alien Stupidity

Image Credit: Copyright Rob Sheridan licensed under Creative Commons

The question of whether we’re alone in the Universe has been on our minds since someone decided looking up was a thing. The idea that there might be other intelligent beings beyond our small moist ball of dust laden crap has influenced our imaginations for almost as long. We create fiction that excites, inspires, terrifies us and most of all expands our minds beyond what we can see in our daily lives. Whether or not we ever encounter the third kind in our life times we can certainly claim their probable existence has played a small role in shaping how we define ourselves and interact with one another.

Even if we were to make contact with alien life here or somewhere beyond our own starlight the ramifications of their existence can make a personal difference on each of our lives today. If we can grasp the idea that we’re not the apple of anyone’s eye by default we can strive to become something more and aim to move beyond our little narrow minded view of the world. Perhaps the concept of first encounter isn’t about globe changing events but rather forcing us to all recognize we’re not the center of anything and we’re just as unique and worthy of living among the stars.

Garett, Good Thomas, Jer, Joseph, Kyla and Vinnie bend over some corn stalks in a circle and make our collective calling to the stars above. Implied Oedipus complex, phallic aliens, future archivists, penis mice, the very definition of alien life and plenty of shifty-eyed stares and discussion of whether we’d bang the Four-Farthole Blobs from Markfar on a plate are some of the courses we chart during this week’s show. We keep claiming we’re searching for intelligent life among the stars because we sure as hell haven’t found any here. It’s the best alien discussion you’ll find this side of Uranus that’ll leave you green, wide-eyed, balding, a little unsatisfied and violated, enjoy!

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