Episode 29 – Yellowknife

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For a quite some time we’ve been afraid and shy to reveal to our beloved listeners where the cast is located. There’s been a number of reasons for doing so, the main one being, it’s a small town. We were concerned that the things we’ve said could come back upon us and by holding anonymity closely we could be more frank and open with what we say. After all, we didn’t want anyone to get in any trouble professionally for something they’d express on the show. We’re out to have a good time with people we love and be open with one another, not harm or damage reputations.

It wasn’t until later we realized that being from this small city of Yellowknife is probably the best reason to share and be proud of where we are. There’s so many features this city has that makes living here so grand. Go anywhere, ask anyone who’s spent more than a few days here and any visitor would say the people, the core and best crunchy bit of this town is the most appealing. As cliché as that sounds of any town it especially holds true here. The people care for one another, the people listen and are open with expression, the people  here get together for a multitude of reasons and freely support the causes that drive their passions. This city, the people, the opportunities here defy definition. We couldn’t give you a single word to describe this city that we love so damn much.

On the outside, the unknowing traveller could view Yellowknife as a transient town full of miners, trades people, pilots, ice road truckers, houseboaters, resource exploration companies, tourism and government workers. It’s easy to see that on the surface since it’s much of what you’d see on TV. We’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s much more to this town than you’ll see in the reality shows and that depiction you’ll see on Arctic Air.

Yellowknife has much to offer people from many different lifestyles. We have a wonderful community of artists, talented musicians, sculptors, filmmakers, street performers, dancers and artisans of every flavour. A budding or professional athlete would find themselves a long list of available year-round activities with good crew of like-minded folks to do them with. A lively nightlife fills the streets on the weekends cold weather or not. You’ll always find a fresh source of entertainment to gather around with the great people you’re guaranteed to meet. Anything from independent films, open mic nights, karaoke, games and trivia nights, club-style dancing or simply finding an intimate house party to crash. If drinking isn’t your scene there’s a plethora of fine and otherwise dining at your disposal to whet your appetite. Within any establishment serving guests you’ll find your hosts to be welcoming, and community minded and thoughtful people.

Yellowknife does have its share of problems, like any city you’d find it comes with social issues among others. Homelessness, public intoxication, friday night fights and occasionally you hear of worse. While not unique and certainly expected it can sometimes appear to be amplified by how personal the city, the visitors and its denizens can be. It doesn’t define us however, you’ll find the city comes together in times of need to always stand up and lend a helping hand to those who need and want it.

This city can appear difficult at times but trust us, the opportunity is there for those bold enough to seize it. Within a few short years or months of moving here many people find their calling and actively pursue it. The chance of success lives here, you just gotta keep chasing it and you’re sure to find it. Trust us, we’ve got plenty of examples to prove it.

My personal relationship with this city has been rocky at best but incredibly rewarding. When I first moved here I knew barely a soul outside of family. I moved here for a job – a temp one at that – and within a few short weeks of being outgoing enough and willing to expand my social circle I made numerous friendships that will last my lifetime. I found, lost and recaptured love here countless times. I’ve had opportunities knock on my door and other times hide in plain sight. While the government jobs is what people typically vie for here it’s not the end of things. I found my passion for computers and development during my time here and the kind and understanding mentors I needed to help me build on it. Never before have I felt that my direction has been so true and I know for a fact this feeling is because this city is so varied and intimate. I love this place, you will too.

Bhreagh, Nick, Richard, Shannon and Vinnie cuddle together, share some warmth, and finally expose ourselves to the Internet at large. Forest fires, favourite stomping grounds, defecating in the woods, poor planning of summer activities, grapefruit-sized spiders and plenty of bitching about the cold weather are some of the topics frozen within this episode ready melt into your ears. In the frozen hostile wasteland that is the Northwest Territories you won’t find a more loving, warm and accepting crew of people than on this show. We love one another, we love our listeners, we love being here for your entertainment, enjoy!

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