Episode 13 – A Little Help From My Friends

Garett, Jeremy, Jessie, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie hug it out while sharing some stories of the people who’ve helped make us the best friend we can be. Jonah Hill, Doctor Who (again), MSG, H1N1 (pig cold), the Dutch and webcam performers are some topics sprinkled throughout. I hope you enjoy! Keep refreshing that page because next week is the weed episode. Until next time.

Why Your Valued Opinion Doesn’t Matter

You’re completely wrong. You’re way off base on that one. You’re deluded and misinformed. Let’s agree to disagree. These are all the typical meanings behind any debate or argument. While not phrased exactly like this the base sense of any opposing argument boils down to it. Everyone – including you and I – seem to…
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Why Do We Care About The Death of Strangers?

Sadly, we’ve all experienced the death of a loved one. Something we can’t avoid in our lives. It’s a personal tragedy when a family member or close friend is lost. The grieving period, finding ways to cope and still function is one of the most difficult things anyone has to go through. I’ve experienced my…
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