Things Microsoft and Sony Got Right With Their New Consoles

When thinking of an article along the lines of a top whatever-the-hell I was originally thinking of “Things Microsoft and Sony Fucked Up On”. But I figured there’s already way too¬†many articles bitching and proving our raging¬†gamer entitlement. So in the bin with that idea. Let’s talk about a few things both Microsoft and Sony…
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Episode 11 – The Half-Life of Retro Games

This week’s episode was incredibly fun and a topic I’m very close to. Games. Garett, Jeremy, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie crowd around an old CRT TV to have some laughs about retro gaming. The death of arcades, point-and-click adventures, breaking the 4th wall, DOS, and the sweet sting of nostalgia are some of the topics tossed around. I’m certain a few facts were missed but it’s all in good fun. Plenty of laughter contained, enjoy!