Episode 18 – Pet Peeves

Bhreagh, Garett, Jer, Evil Thomas, Good Thomas and Vinnie chill out, meditate and let go of their frustrations. Filthy strip joints, Matt Dillon, cupboard-OCD, nit-picking words, mannerisms, and Her are some of the places where the discussion flies off the rails. It’s serene, calming and hilariously good conversation recorded for your entertainment, enjoy.

Episode 14 – Like, Your Opinion Man…

Evil Thomas, Garett, Good Thomas, Kyla, Jer, Markham, Michał and Vinnie smoke a bowl, get stoned and talk about getting stoned. It’s recursive comedy in its finest form. Intake methods, basic legality, why, first experiences, inebriation, munchies, frequency and culture are some of the delicious topics sprinkled within. We’re certain you’ll enjoy listening in on this one. Until next week! Thanks for checking us out.

Episode 13 – A Little Help From My Friends

Garett, Jeremy, Jessie, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie hug it out while sharing some stories of the people who’ve helped make us the best friend we can be. Jonah Hill, Doctor Who (again), MSG, H1N1 (pig cold), the Dutch and webcam performers are some topics sprinkled throughout. I hope you enjoy! Keep refreshing that page because next week is the weed episode. Until next time.

Masters of the House

I was forced went to witness see “Les Misérables” once. Only later did I see the irony of watching a play where the title and description of the audience were one in the same. I saw it as a crew of poorly dressed actors moaning depressing songs, faking tears, and everyone trying to out-act one…
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Episode 12 – The Men We Love

Jeremy, Jessie, Mel, Patrick, Thomas and Vinnie get in each other’s space this week and get personal about our relationships with gay men. It was both entertaining, enlightening and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.