Episode 24.5 – Brain Thunder

Joseph, Michał, Thomas and Vinnie smash their heads together and pick up the best pieces to give you a teaser of what’s to come in the next batch of episodes. I can’t wait to record ’em and I’m sure I’ll hate doing the editing. Our show might be sound stupid but we have our bright spots. Season two is gonna shine! Enjoy.

Episode 24 – Happy Ending

It’s the season one ender partycast! Eric, Jer, Justine, Michał, Nick, Markham, Shannon, Thomas, and Vinnie get together and play microphone musical chairs to discuss anything and everything about endings. Firefly, relationships, favourite movies, books, TV shows, songs and others are some of the topics we cover. It’s been a great run these past 24 episodes and I think it’s high time we shut this stupidity down. Thank you all for listening, enjoy!

Episode 23 – Entitled to It

Dan, Garret, Justine, Michał, Shannon and Vinnie whine and complain about services, consumerism and our expectations on a quiet beer-free Sunday evening. It might not be what you expect from this week’s episode but it’s the best we’ve got so deal with it.

Episode 22 – “Poverty”

Justine, Michał, Shannon, Thomas and Vinnie crack open some expensive drinks, look back on the bell curve and trickle down some golden words of wisdom for the peons below. We share our experiences with civilized poverty and spread the discussion around in all kinds of interesting directions. Staple diets, housing, employment, heritage, bidets, begging and judgement are some of topics within. It’s wholesome filling and cheap entertainment in its best yellow-label store brand form, enjoy!

Episode 21 – Filthy Drunken Pirates

Daniel, Markham, Michał and Vinnie stop their torrents for a while and seed some thoughts on piracy into your ears. Stolen ransom money, bankruptcy, eBay scams, Canada, theft of free books, Microsoft Zune, malware bounties with plenty of talk on streaming porn fill in the conversation this week. It’s like a long drawn out Michael Bay-esque car crash where each crinkle of steel is a golden symphony in your ears. I wish, the ship’s sinking and we’re here for your entertainment first. Yarrr.

Episode 20 – 2024 and Gardening

Garett, Jeremy, Mary Caroline, Thomas and Vinnie gather around the crystal ball to cobble together a premonition of the day 3600-some-odd days after tomorrow. Bar trivia, bang-bots, gardening, demolition man, universal translators, casual sex and semantics are some of the tangents we fly off on. Shockingly very little discussion of flying cars or anti-gravity, shucks. This is the cusp of quality podcast entertainment for sure, it’s only going downhill from here. Enjoy.

Episode 19 – Super Stupidity

Daniel, Markham and Vinnie crack open the Kraken, fly circles around the idea of what makes a super hero super while Michał hulks out and completely loses his mind. It’s a special kind of entertainment that’s best left in earbuds. We hope you enjoy this week’s show, I certainly had fun doing the edits. Until next week!

Episode 18 – Pet Peeves

Bhreagh, Garett, Jer, Evil Thomas, Good Thomas and Vinnie chill out, meditate and let go of their frustrations. Filthy strip joints, Matt Dillon, cupboard-OCD, nit-picking words, mannerisms, and Her are some of the places where the discussion flies off the rails. It’s serene, calming and hilariously good conversation recorded for your entertainment, enjoy.

Episode 17 – Genetically Modified Stupidity

Beth, Christina, Joseph, Nick, Vinnie and special guest Shannon put on their white lab coats and scare the living hell out of Mother Nature. We didn’t get the best batch of arguments but with a lot of science and stupidity we’ve made it into something fit for human consumption, enjoy.

Episode 16 – Randomcast

Bhreagh, Daniel, Jessie, Jeremy, Joseph and Vinnie pour some drinks and spin together hilarious randomness for your enjoyment. It’s… really difficult to put together a coherent synopsis for this one but just have a listen, you’ll enjoy it for sure.

Episode 15 – Subjects of Brand Royalty

Garett, Jer, Joseph, Nancy, Thomas and Vinnie crack open a few refreshing Molson Canadian® lagers, put down their banners and discuss this whole brand loyalty thing. Microsoft vs Sony, Kleenex, Band-Aids, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s perfect legs and sex swings are some of the topics scattered throughout with plenty of off-topic tangents as well. We don’t always talk about brands but when we, do its entertaining as hell. Thanks for checking us out, keep slapping F5 (refresh) and we’ll catch you next week on My Stupid Podcast.

Episode 14 – Like, Your Opinion Man…

Evil Thomas, Garett, Good Thomas, Kyla, Jer, Markham, Michał and Vinnie smoke a bowl, get stoned and talk about getting stoned. It’s recursive comedy in its finest form. Intake methods, basic legality, why, first experiences, inebriation, munchies, frequency and culture are some of the delicious topics sprinkled within. We’re certain you’ll enjoy listening in on this one. Until next week! Thanks for checking us out.

Episode 13 – A Little Help From My Friends

Garett, Jeremy, Jessie, Kyla, Thomas and Vinnie hug it out while sharing some stories of the people who’ve helped make us the best friend we can be. Jonah Hill, Doctor Who (again), MSG, H1N1 (pig cold), the Dutch and webcam performers are some topics sprinkled throughout. I hope you enjoy! Keep refreshing that page because next week is the weed episode. Until next time.

Episode 12 – The Men We Love

Jeremy, Jessie, Mel, Patrick, Thomas and Vinnie get in each other’s space this week and get personal about our relationships with gay men. It was both entertaining, enlightening and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.