Episode 29 – Yellowknife

Bhreagh, Nick, Richard, Shannon and Vinnie cuddle together, share some warmth, and finally expose ourselves to the Internet at large. Forest fires, favourite stomping grounds, defecating in the woods, poor planning of summer activities, grapefruit-sized spiders and plenty of bitching about the cold weather are some of the topics frozen within this episode ready melt into your ears. In the frozen hostile wasteland that is the Northwest Territories you won’t find a more loving, warm and accepting crew of people than on this show. We love one another, we love our listeners, we love being here for your entertainment, enjoy!

Episode 28 – Alien Stupidity

Garett, Good Thomas, Jer, Joseph, Kyla and Vinnie bend over some corn stalks in a circle and make our collective calling to the stars above. Implied Oedipus complex, phallic aliens, future archivists, penis mice, the very definition of alien life and plenty of shifty-eyed stares and discussion of whether we’d bang the Four-Farthole Blobs from Markfar on a plate are some of the courses we chart during this week’s show. We keep claiming we’re searching for intelligent life among the stars because we sure as hell haven’t found any here. It’s the best alien discussion you’ll find this side of Uranus that’ll leave you green, wide-eyed, balding, a little unsatisfied and violated, enjoy!

Episode 27 – Addicted to Stupidity

Good Thomas, Nick, Richard, Shannon and Vinnie get the spoons, lighters, dolla-bills, rubber bands, mirrors and razors out and have smashing discussion about addictions that’s totally worth the trip. Forced imprisonment, strange addictions, oranges, Game of Thrones, glorification of addictions and eating dirt are some of the topics we set up in a line for your ears to inhale. We’re wasting our potential for your entertainment but one thing’s for sure you’ll never lose betting on stupid, enjoy!

Episode 26 – Saturday Night Sex Show

Bhreagh, Evil Thomas, Garett, Good Thomas, Jessie, Joseph and Vinnie pile up and rub out one hell of a show for your stimulating pleasure. Fetishes, kinks, proposition, positions, sub/dom, safety, turn-ons and some of our embarrassing stories are some of the tender spots we touch, softly. This is quite literally our best show yet! The climax, if you will. We took the bar and ratcheted it up to 69, I hope you’re as satisfied as we are. Enjoy!

Episode 25 – Sequels Part Deux

Garett, Jer, Michał, surprise guest Evil Thomas and Vinnie spin the conversation around in circles and run their creativity dry. The horse might be dead but dammit it still deserves a few more good kicks. It’s regurgitated audio entertainment tailored specifically for your funny bones. Enjoy.